Cyrille Vincent

Gold, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange And Red, these are the colors of the chakra system.
I created these paintings to bring awareness of this amazing energy source that bring balance and health when the system is fully balanced that help the body function and bring amazing opportunities when the system is balanced.
Each color representing a different energy center- Gold which is linked to your Crown Chakra bringing awareness to the divine and bringing universal consciousness.
Purple which is linked to your Third Eye Chakra bringing clairvoyance and is known to be the center house for your intuition.
Blue which is linked to your Throat Chakra brining creative verbal expressions and sense of self worth.
Green which is linked to your Heart Chakra brining universal love and self love.
Yellow which is linked to your Solar Plexus bringing awareness to the abilities to manifest and create with personal power. 
Orange which is linked to your Sacral Chakra bringing flow and flexibility into the emotional aspect of your life, and Red which is linked to your Root Chakra bringing a grounding sensation and is the fundamental energy source within the chakra system. With your chakras balanced you can be that much closer to your highest self. Look deep into these painting and feel the energy and vibrations, look within, see the love and spread the love. What do you see? 
 -Enjoy! EB
*This is a Private exhibition : only for Solidarty members or on invitation/reservation.
Contacts: 15085796749/direction.solidarty@gmail.com

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