Discover Columbia by Luz Rodriguez: Collage & Painting Artworks

Cyrille Vincent

                  Discover Columbia is an Exhibition made possible by a more than 20 years of Art experience shared here by the multi dimensional Colombian Artist Luz Rodriguez.

        This Exhibition featuring a collection of masterpieces of the artist  have been created in between her studio in Colombia and her residencies in United State of America.

         The collection is a beautiful panoramic view of  cities and country places in Colombia . In this project ,Luz Rodriguez has associated  two (2) Art techniques that she mastered (Collage & Painting) and some of the artworks have taken her more than 7 years to be completed while some are still in progress. 

           The Artworks showcased in this exhibition are a mixed of oil and Acrylic paint on canvas, collage of paper mache and pieces of wood processed by the artist; assorted with others Colombian made materials.

         For the First time after  a decade her Arts is back in USA and will be exhibit at  the AGNES PATAUX Contemporary Art Gallery  inside Solidarty studio On Eastern Avenue, Worcester 01605 .

                    This is a private exhibition reserved to Arts professionals and Solidarty members (Individuals/Corporate) only or With a Special Invitation that you can request by sending an email to : direction.solidarty@gmail.com / or call 5085796749 

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Opening Reception:  Sunday April 28 4:30 pm

          inside Solidarty Studio  at the Agnes Pataux Contemporary Art Gallery.

End:    06/02/19

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