''Filming Woodstock: The Guide was the best Grassroots Experience I ever had '' recall the Director Cyrille Vincent

Cyrille Vincent

              In the summer of 1969 more than 400.000 people came together in the Farm of the dietary Max Yasgur in New York to celebrate peace, music and Love. They organizers of the  Aquarium and Music Fair  quickly found themselves  overwhelmed and it was impossible to collect all the tickets and actually most of people got in without a ticket which resulted in a huge financial lost !

Watch The Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys

         People abandoned their cars in the streets miles away from the event site and walked due to the chaotic traffic situation. Most of the musicians (Richie havens, Jimmy Hendrix, Carlos Santana...) have to be brought in for their performance on stage by helicopter because of the  traffic Jam.

   Woodstock The Guide is a Film documentary  directed by Cyrille Vincent with the collaboration of Lauren R Preston a 1960's Scholar in Massachusetts .The film explore what is left of the spirit of Woodstock more than a half century later.

   Veterans, musicians, organizers,politics and Hippies are given the opportunity to share their own stories and experiences about Woodstock 50 years later.

Watch The Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys


The Director Cyrille Vincent and Lauren R Preston (1960's Scholar Travelled abort a Beetles made by Volkswagenade by Wol

''Filming Woodstock The Guide was the best Grassroots Experience of my life '' said Cyrille Vincent.

 We traveled from Worcester Massachusetts  to Bethel wood (New York) in a Beetle Volkswagen a popular car back  then that still has luck in today's car industry . The Car itself appears small but the inside is  designed  to give you a feeling of bigger space and  it is really comfy! add Cyrille ; the car is own by Lauren tho ...it is not mine !------------ I wish!! (Litle smile)

We made sure to stopped at the Beer World to check some local beers we heard about from local residents .  huh? Yes we did and actually we got some really really good stuffs  I never had before... The world is full of wonderful beers!!

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Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys

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