Happy New Year Woodstock Family , these are 3 things We will really need for this new year!

Cyrille Vincent

Happy New Year to the Woodstock family World Wide. Another year just opened it's doors to us and we have to take advantage because the time passing does not come back. For this year as you know , there are 3 things that are more important for all of us:

Peace : Because without peace we can't do anything and when I talk about peace it is in everyone's mind and heart! It is a state of mind where you live in harmony with yourself and your environment without any fears ! You can practice an activity that lead you to this state of mind for example: yoga, meditation, Rikki.

Love : In the Garden of every human heart there is a plant name love ; it is our personal challenge to seed and harvest love in our heart. This is the destiny of human kind . If you can love, you have the key to so many people heart and you can't forget to listen to them...Love is the seasoning of live !

Music : You probably guess it , beats is everything, is everywhere ; if it doesn't beat it's dead!  Music is the food for the soul and most human being agreed of the positive energy that music can bring in their lives;  do not forget to listen to a lot of Music .

(We suggest Paul Cataldo and Wavy Gravy)

Talking music, we have just released a beautiful trailer about Woodstock: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys&feature=emb_title

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