What Is An Entrepreneur ?

Cyrille Vincent

Most people earn their money by working for business. Business is the buying and selling of product or service in other to make profit. If you earn your money by working for someone else company you are most likely an employee.

There are many kind of employee : One category work for other business and another work for themselves. This last category is called Entrepreneurs ; the owns their business and work for themselves.

Most of the time they are responsible of the failure or success of the companies and the extend of the liability depend on the statue of the company and we will explore it in a different chapter.

When we talk about business or entrepreneurship usually people have an idea of big stores or corporate , multinationals...while most of the business in the world are still small and started small too.

An entrepreneur who set and run a business should be making money big or small profit to survive in his industry. If he/she keep loosing money he/she will have to close which usually is not an easy decision to take.

Entrepreneur make profit on creating value through a product or service and respond to people needs at a price they are willing to pay but enough to make profit.He recognize the opportunity and fulfill it!

Thank for reading see you next !

Cyrille Vincent


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