Woodstock : The Guide Film Preview RECAP

Cyrille Vincent

It can be an awkward experience to organize a preview of a film unfinished, especially a documentary.


It is challenging for the production  to clarify to the audience that a preview is for seeing first glimpses of the footage while not necessarily all the film is shown. The audience that attended the Woodstock: The Guide film preview were not entirely sure what they were going to witness. They initially attended after hearing about the film screening and having a love of the spirit of peace and love.

Watch the Trailer of the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys

The night began with rain: a lot of rain. Since the beginning, rain has been a part of Woodstock. We agreed that the rain was a blessing because the room, despite the downpoor, was still filled with people in their 1960s attire and hippie costumes.


Watch the Trailer of the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys


The show started with Lacey Rainey's acoustic set of Woodstock music. Lacey is a young, talented musician from Massachusetts with a beautiful voice. She set the tone for the night and warmed up the audience followed by Cyrille Vincent introducing a teaser for a separate project currently in the works, S.O.S. Celsius Rise, a documentary in regards to global warming and climate change.


"It is important to make films about the past like Woodstock: The Guide, but it is just as important to make films about the present...because history tends to repeat itself and we don't unfortunately always get wiser from past experiences," said Cyrille prior to showing the teaser.

We transitioned to the thirty minute preview of Woodstock: The Guide, specially put together for the night. After the screening, we had a short Q and A session where the audience could give feedback to the film.

Following the Q and A, there were still audience members catching us to tell their stories. Woodstock veterans approached us showing us their memorabilia such as their tickets and pictures from 1969 and congratulating us for making a movie that captures the spirit of Woodstock.


We were amazed to witness our message resonating with so many different people and generations. We are now asking for different contacts for those that attended Woodstock or have been to a reunion. And since we are still in production, we are sharing here as well.

If you are a Woodstock 1969 veteran or a reunion-goer interested in sharing your story, please contact us today at : direction.solidarty@gmail.com


Watch the Trailer here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGtB2VML8Ys

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